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Anne-marie Ludwig

Anne-Marie Ludwig
LCUSA-CICB, Maestro Cecchetti Diploma; NBS TTP (dip.); BFA (Hons); RAD MRTS

Originally hailing from Germany, Anne-Marie is a former student of Canada’s National Ballet School. She initially trained under the tutelage of Anne-Marie Pilon-Gerdun; Ontario’s current provincial representative of the Cecchetti Society of Canada. She later trained with The School of Alberta Ballet’s summer programme before being accepted into their professional division by the Kilgours themselves. Upon high school graduation, Anne-Marie went on to complete her BFA (Honours) in Dance from York University. She subsequently graduated from Canada’s National Ballet School Teacher’s Training Program, also becoming accredited with the Cecchetti Society in June 2011 with Distinction.

Anne-Marie has been fortunate to learn technique, choreography, and pedagogy from some of Canada's biggest names in Modern/Contemporary, Classical Ballet and Exercise Science. Some of these artists include: Carol Anderson, Peggy Baker, Holly Small, Helen Jones, Karen Bowes-Sewell, Donna Krasnow, Julia Sasso, David Earle, Louis Laberge-Côté, Glenn Gilmour and Jane Wooding to name a few.

Anne-Marie has worked with a variety of both schools and companies throughout Canada as well as internationally. These companies include: HNM Dance (Windsor, ON), The Dance Company (Toronto), Dancetheatre David Earle (Guelph, ON), Dance Nonce (Detroit), Frontier Danceland as well as The Human Experience (T.H.E) Dance Company (Singapore), CollabArt Creations and DansArts Performing Arts Company (Vancouver).

Several international company invitations comprise: full contract offers with Boston Dance Company and Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, and guest invitations to Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Rome), as well as the Macedonian National Ballet.

Other notable places of training consist of: the Cecchetti Council of America International Summer School, and Ballettschule für das Opernhaus Zürich.

Some of the schools Anne-Marie has had the privilege of teaching/choreographing for include: Canada’s National Ballet School (junior professional and senior recreational programmes), Helsingin Tanssiopisto (professional programme), and Pickering School of Ballet (pre-professional programme).

In 2016, Anne-Marie was the sole recipient of the highly prestigious and internationally recognized Maestro Cecchetti Diploma, awarded as the highest achievement as a dancer in classical ballet for the Cecchetti method, as well as having received a full scholarship to attend Cecchetti USA’s summer intensive in Santa Barbara, CA. Most recently she received her Licentiate teaching qualifications from CUSA with Distiction along with being invited to become a first tier examiner with the society, making her the youngest in their history to be asked.