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technique graham du 28/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec CROWLEY William
moderne du 28/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec ESCUDIER Charlotte
moderne du 28/10/2019 au 31/10/2019 avec BRUNNER Valentin
modern'jazz du 28/10/2019 au 02/11/2019 avec CARAYON Laurie
contemporain fusion du 28/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec TONIOL Laura
modern'jazz du 30/10/2019 au 02/11/2019 avec JEAN BAPTISTE Fred
modern'jazz du 28/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec REDHA
moderne du 04/11/2019 au 08/11/2019 avec ESCUDIER Charlotte

Adrián Arriaga Madrigal

Costa Rican dancer and choreographer, graduated with the second generation of Conservatorio El Barco in 2009. He has participated in workshops given by teachers such as Laura Aris, Giancarlo Protti , Eda Rodríguez, Alexis Eupierre, Pablo Algarañaz, Verónica Yánez, Jimmy Ortiz, Rogelio López, David Zambrano, Fred Drebs and Jakes Beltrán.
He is co-founder of the group Colectivo Clá. The group won the National Dance Award for best group of choreographers in 2014, thanks to their projects both inside and outside the country. With Colectivo Clá he has participated in all the montages as choreographer and dancer, besides presenting and having given workshops in countries like China, France, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, among others. With Clá, Adrián participated in the Choreographers Festival, organized by the National Theater of Costa Rica, where they have won twice the First Place with their shows El Adicto and Ciebzie, as well as winning three consecutive years the award Virginia Pérez Ratón in the same festival.

He has also been trained as an instructor of capoeira, acrobatics and juggling, as well as teacher of contemporary dance. He has participated in different choreographies with different choreographers of great trajectory such as: “Idea de Hombre Viejo” by Anton Lachky, “Súper Mature” y “Rara” by 4pelos/losdenmedium, "Surrised by Joy" by Laura Aris and Jorge Jauregui, "PCC33" by Las Hijas de Otro,"Entre Quijotes" along with Andrea Catania and Alex Catona, "A partes iguales” by Alexis Eupierre, "Sueños Cortados" a collective work with José Andrés Álvarez, Mario Blanco, Jimmy Ortiz and Diego Álvarez Sanóu, "Sueño Kafquiano" by Sol Carballo, among others.