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modern'jazz du 01/12/2019 au 01/12/2019 avec JEAN BAPTISTE Fred
technique graham du 01/12/2019 au 01/12/2019 avec MOLINA Rafael
moderne du 01/12/2019 au 01/12/2019 avec ESCUDIER Charlotte
broadway jazz du 02/12/2019 au 02/12/2019 avec DAY Ashley
broadway jazz du 04/12/2019 au 04/12/2019 avec GOODWIN Joanna
broadway jazz du 02/12/2019 au 06/12/2019 avec PEREIRA Michael
street jazz talons du 05/12/2019 au 05/12/2019 avec MARSHALL Yanis

William Crowley

William Charles Crowley, received his MFA in Dance from the University of Michigan. He received additional dance training while on scholarship at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in NYC. Early in his dance career, under the direction of Peter Sparling, William had the distinct honor of performing the title role in Martha Graham’s 1940 masterwork, El Penitente. In March 2012, he attended the Graham Technique Refresher Course in NYC, where 25 instructors from the United States, England, France, and Greece came together to analyze, discuss, and debate how to best preserve the Graham Technique for future generations. Currently, William teaches throughout the United States, Caribbean, and Europe, including Belgium, England, France, Portugal and Spain.

Class Description

The Master Class introduces students to the Graham Technique, its basic principle of "contraction and release", and the beneficial knowledge that comes from the awareness of one’s own center and core strength. The structure of the class is composed of floor work, standing center work, and traveling exercises. Beginning/Intermediate students will also be exposed to learning phrases of original choreography.