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Shin Seung-eun

Welcome to the class " K-culture "

what is K-pop ? What is K-culture ?

this is a kind of Syndrome of Korean pop culture. it was first came from Korea to China then Japan and All around Asia.

this syndrome is crazy about K-pop and Their style. the main fans are mostly teenager to 20's.

and then since 6 years ago, It came to Europe and US and Latin America continent as well.

one day in 2012, there was a music clip " Psy - Gangnam style" which was recorded the best viewed in YOUTUBE.

after Psy, all generation of People are recognizing about K-Pop . of course, it's very different style for European people.

Sometimes people might think it's like an American style. but if you have really look this style out, you will find very unique and own Korean style.

mostly, K-pop dance should have an ability like control facial emotion and gesture , all the small details are very important to follow it.

it asks good skill of group dancing also solo improvisation and needs an confidence. it requires lots of amount exercise. so it's good for your body too.

but no worries, it's for everyone for beginner as well.

it's all about movement, passion and fashion, confidence, improvisation, emotions. if you want to improve yourself about these categories.

I can make you are sure that will be a one of great chance to improve yourself.

I offer you

20 min preperation and movement and gesture

50 min choreography with 1 K-Pop

10 min performance and K-style improvisation.

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