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modern'jazz du 11/03/2018 au 11/03/2018 avec JEAN BAPTISTE Fred
jazz du 11/03/2018 au 11/03/2018 avec FALLER Aurélie

Sol Gilgorri

Sol Gilgorri is a performer, choreographer, teacher and director born and raised in Argentina. She worked and trained both nationally and internationally. She is currently a full time teacher at El Club de danza and Pisa Lo Propio in Buenos Aires, and is directing the second season of “Mamita!”, her third play.

She had the chance to travel multiple times and train with world renowned choreographers such as Brice Mousset, Cat Cogliandro, Tom Richardson, Emma Portner, Dana Foglia, Kyle Hanagami, CJ Salvador, and many others. Most recently she participated in The Gypsy Project in Los Angeles, a dance intensive created by Erica Sobol.

As a performer, she has been seen on TV and video, as well as theatre and concert stages. She danced and toured with big artists like Lali Espósito, Diego Torres and Luciano Pereyra. She was also featured as a dancer in two of Pereyra’s music videos.

Sol has also worked as a choreographer in publicities and as an assistant choreographer in Bailando por un Sueño. She has also written and presented work of her own such as “Artax” with DeCero Dance Company, which she directs, and “Mamita!”, a female empowering play that was claimed by the critics.

She has been given opportunities to share her talent with dancers all over the world, setting choreography, teaching workshops, and hosting master classes.

The accumulation of Sol’s experience in the dance world has led her to discover her own unique, creative voice, which she aims to share with each student that steps into her class.

Class description:

The class starts with a warm up that gathers technique, strength and stretching, followed by guided improvisational exercises to help the students explore their movement.

Sol's choreography focuses on musicality, dynamics, movement quality and the intention behind it.

This class allows the dancers to enter a judgement free space and challenge them to explore and discover their own voice.