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Frida Persson

Frida is originally from Sweden.
She has been living in New York City for 8 years, working as a dancer and choreographer.
Bookings include   L'oreal, Samsung, Blvagari, Jennifer Hudson music video "Go all night" , Swedish commercial for Kalles Kaviar, Basement jaxx music video, Radio city music hall with Hip hop Extravaganza show, choreographing for Zelma Davis C & C mudic fsctory ("gonna make you swet") , IMAX commercial, teached vogue/heels at Broadway dance center & Peridance and performing at Taj Mahal arena in Atlantic City  etc.
This summer she was the head choreographer for Gothia cup opening ceremony (the biggest  youth soccer cup in the world) where it was 48 000 people in the audience anabout 150 dancers. She also choreographed the Partille cup opening ceremony.
Frida is also working as a dance instructor. 
Right now she is a Heels instructor at Peridance Capeizio center NYC.
​She has been teaching at  big studios in NYC such as Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, Peridance and also in Sweden and Israel.