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moderne du 09/12/2019 au 13/12/2019 avec PORTAL Carl
assouplissement du 15/12/2019 au 15/12/2019 avec BRAL Robert
claquettes du 15/12/2019 au 15/12/2019 avec BUTTERFLY Roxane
contemporain du 15/11/2019 au 15/11/2019 avec NOUN Baya
moderne du 15/12/2019 au 15/12/2019 avec ESCUDIER Charlotte
contemporain du 16/12/2019 au 20/12/2019 avec RIOCHE Antonin

Francesca Di Boscio


Contemporary dance project
Directed by Francesca Di Boscio

Reference Techniques: Release Tecnique and Floor Work, Contact - Improvisation.
Project score: monthly meetings
Training path: the technique is articulated in the recovery of the movement's bodily function; fluidity; elasticity; Loose joints; Awareness of space, weight, time and flow of movement.
TECHNIQUE - teaches part of the listening of your body and the individual kinesthetic feelings. By exploiting simple physical laws, such as the force of gravity, everyone is put in the condition of dancing using the least energy expense. The basis of the use of gravity is the support: classical dance tends to elevate to the sky, while contemporary dance tends to return to the earth and exploit it at its best.
Study Elements:
- the crossing of space in relation to gravity, time and rhythm;
- the perception of interior and exterior space;
- the acquisition of choreographic composition instruments.
FOCUS of the project is to analyze how the bodies, by technique, so that they adhere to the movement.
EXPLORATION - the body's adhesion process to movement transforms the movement itself; Exploration of space is a source of suggestion for artistic creation.
FLOOR WORCK - With adhesion work we assume postures, the floor itself becomes posture, the bodies adhere, they add up.
CREATION - the collected data enter the process of creation, discarding the superfluous, only what the body has settled.